Most Comfortable Office Chair

Here is an organized list of the most comfortable office chairs available. Your chair is the most important item in your office. You spend a substantial part of your day in it. A comfortable chair means more productivity and less fatigue. The wrong chair can mean posture and back problems.

If you find it hard to sit still, then your chair should allow movement. This could be a chair that swivels, reclines, or has rollers. Construction and material also have an impact on your comfort and should never be overlooked. Also take care to ensure that you get the proper lower back support.

Most Comfortable Office Chair

Judged Most Comfortable Chairs

These office chairs have an average customer review rating of at least four stars and have statements by the positive reviewers as being exceptionally comfortable.

The tilt tension in your chair should always be adjustable. The most important reason for this is that the larger and heavier person will require a different tension than someone of small stature and weight. There is no “one tension fits all” for the tilt of a chair.

Leather Office Chairs

Most Comfortable Office Chair

Leather makes for very comfortable sitting and has a good “feel” to it. Leather office chairs are available in different colors, the most common being black. They are elegant and convey a sense of prestige. They are normally used by the boss or the high powered executive. Whether this is you at the company or at your home office, you will find leather to be very comfortable and ergonomic.

A chair with a swivel will allow you to reach for items on your desk efficiently and minimize the risk of strain especially if your work tasks require repetitive movement. Because less effort is expended, you will feel less fatigued at the end of a long day. If you need to reach areas off to your side or behind you, a swiveling chair with rollers is a must.

Affordable Office Chairs

Most Comfortable Office Chair

All office chairs in this section are under one hundred dollars in price. As a general rule, a chair with arm rests is more comfortable than one without. There is an important exception to this however. If your work requires that you sit closely to your desk so that your arms normally use the desk top as a rest then you should get a chair without an arm rest. Otherwise you will be forced to sit further away from your desk. This will cause you to hunch forward and make it difficult to reach items on your desk and may lead to lower back problems.

Computer Chairs

Most Comfortable Office Chair

The office environment usually means computers. If your day requires long hours in front of a computer, then you should consider using a computer chair. These chairs are ergonomically designed with multiple adjustments that should minimize injuries common to keyboard work.

Ergonomic office chairs

Most Comfortable Office Chair

There are many ergonomic office chairs available and no recipe of choosing is the best, but there are some things that a good ergonomic office chair should have which will allow the individual user to make the chair work well for one’s specific need. The most important and usually standard features are seat height that has to be easily adjustable and seat width and depth that should have enough width and depth to support any user comfortably. Even more, it is wise to choose a chair that enables lumbar support because the lumbar spine has an inward curve leading to slouching and strains the structures in the lower spine if sitting for long periods without support. While worrying about all the previously mentioned don’t forget to choose the seat material which is comfortable to sit on for extended periods of time.

Lumbar Support Office Chair

Most Comfortable Office Chair

When working long hours in the office, the lower back should have proper support. Sitting without lumbar support places far more stress on the lower back than when standing. This can create or make existing back pain worse.

Your lower spine is supposed to curve inward. When you’re seated however, the spine tends to bend outward which stresses and eventually injures soft spinal tissues. The back support of a chair should be flush with your lower back and should contour with the natural inward curve of the lower spine.

Purchasing a chair with caster wheels? If your office has a hardwood floor then getting a chair mat will protect the floor from scuffs and scratches. If you’ll be moving a lot on your “wheels” and the floor is carpeted, then a floor mat will allow for greater ease of movement.

Most Comfortable Office Chair

Back Support
Office work is like a marathon sport in that repetitive motions done over long time periods lead to injury. This is particularly true with arm rests where the wrist sees the most movement. To avoid wrist injury, make sure the arm rests of your chair are adjustable and make an effort to find the optimum setting for your situation.

Home Office Chair
Resist the temptation to grab a chair from another room for use in your home office. You will be logging just as many if not more hours of work in your home office as you would working for a company. The same issues of comfort and injury prevention still apply.

Working in an office also includes spending a vast majority of time sitting in an office chair. Many may think that sitting is comfortable but in reality this position adds important stress to the structure in the spine. Therefore, to avoid developing or compounding back problems it is of vital importance that office chairs are designed ergonomically guaranteeing that they will offer enough support for the lower back and promote good posture.