Computer Desk Buyer’s Guide

Computer Desk Buyers Guide

Looking for the perfect computer desk for the home or office? Check out the top styles and types of computer desks, workstations and carts that not only look good and professional, but also optimize space usage and work flow.┬áIf you’re ready to get rid of your clunky old desk that was designed for pushing paper, not computer keys, then it may be time to invest in a computer desk. Not only are they more comfortable to use for computing tasks, but they are also specifically designed to accommodate your computer and peripherals more efficiently, which helps you to reclaim valuable space in your home or office that is being wasted by unnecessarily large furniture.

Benefits of Computer Desks

There are many benefits to using a computer desk workstation instead of a traditional one. The primary benefit of course is that they are simply far more efficient. Computer desks typically have multiple shelves and a compact footprint, which allows you to consolidate all of your equipment (desktop or laptop, monitor, keyboard, mouse, speakers, printer, scanner or other peripherals) into one location, which eliminates the need for several desks, tables or stands. Aside from reclaiming valuable space in your home or office and reducing clutter, they are also ergonomically designed with computer users in mind, which increases comfort and productivity.

What to Look For When Buying a Computer Desk

There are many different types of computer desks on the market; so many in fact that the task of choosing one may at first seem daunting. But it doesn’t have to be — you just need to know what to look for so that you choose the right one for your needs. Here are three of the most common types of computer desks and who they are best suited for:

Computer desk workstation – These workstations are ideal for home or office users who want to consolidate their computer and related peripherals all into one unit to save space. The downside is that these units are generally not designed to be moved once assembled. Increasingly, people use full sized computer workstations for their laptops, and the space allows for large 20 inch or bigger computer monitors to be attached for better usability.

Mobile workstation cart – These workstations are the perfect solution for home or office users that want all of the benefits of a computer desk workstation (i.e. efficiency and plenty of storage), but also need it to be mobile. These units are generally equipped with two or four wheels, which allows them to be easily moved as needed.

Laptop computer desk – If you’re going to be using a laptop exclusively, it may not make sense to purchase a full-size computer workstation that is designed to accommodate a desktop tower and monitor. Laptop computer desks are far more compact, which allows you to save even more space without sacrificing comfort.
Most Popular Computer Desks

While there are many different computer desks on the market, one in particular has proven to be very popular with consumers:

Safco Muv Stand-up Adjustable Height Workstation

The Safco Muv Stand-up Adjustable Height Workstation, as the name suggests, allows you to work while standing up, which is perfect for a wide variety of work and domestic settings. Elderly users, for example, often find stand-up workstations to be ideal because they eliminate the need for frequent standing and sitting.


  1. Attractive, sturdy design
  2. Adjustable height for both the monitor and keyboard
  3. Mobile, thanks to four casters (including two locking casters)


  1. Keyboard shelf isn’t wide enough for a full sized keyboard and mouse side by side, so you’ll need a compact keyboard, however these are inexpensive and easy to find.

Do Yourself a Favor – Finding The Right Computer Desk Means Comfort And Productivity

Computer desks offer the perfect balance between form and function. They have a much smaller footprint than traditional desks, and yet they still accommodate your computer and all its peripherals. Not only that, but they are ergonomically designed to provide a much more comfortable working experience, so do yourself a favor, ditch the old desk and upgrade to a quality computer desk today.