Computer Desk Workstation

Computer Desk Workstation

Looking for a great computer desk workstation for your home or office? When it comes to making the most efficient use of space at home or in the office, you need furniture that strikes a perfect balance between form and function.

Computer desk workstations are specifically designed to accommodate computers and all of their related peripherals in one unit, which eliminates the need for multiple desks, tables or stands.

Benefits of a Computer Desk Workstation

In many homes and offices, you’re likely to find computers on one desk, printers and scanners on another, and any other related peripherals on yet a third. Office¬†workstations eliminate this excess furniture by consolidating your desktop or laptop, monitor, keyboard, mouse, printer, scanner and other related peripherals into one compact workstation. Not only does this alleviate clutter and reduce the number of cables running everywhere, but it also improves productivity and efficiency by placing everything in one location where it’s easily accessible.

Tight small spaces that may not look like much could actually be converted into an office area. For example, compact corner computer desk workstations is a commonly acknowledged super space saver that transforms “wasted” room corner spaces into a productivity center.

Types of Computer Desk Workstations

If regular computer desk workstations don’t suit your needs, there are also a variety of other types on the market. For example, if you own a laptop rather than a desktop, then you would probably benefit from a laptop computer desk. These are specifically designed to provide the best user experience for laptop owners. They are also far more compact than other workstations because they don’t have to accommodate large desktop towers and monitors. On the other hand if you want form, function and style, consider a computer desk with hutch. These workstations not only accommodate your desktop or laptop computer and peripherals, but they also offer plenty of attractive storage space for books, media and other items.

Most Popular Computer Desk Workstations

While there are many computer workstations on the market to choose from, two of them have proven to be very popular with consumers:

Modern L-Shaped Computer Workstation – Mahogany

A mahogany computer desk with a tasteful contemporary twist. This elegant and spacious Modern Mahogany L-Shaped Computer Workstation from RTA is the perfect solution for home or small office users that want to maximize their space and productivity by using a desk that, while very compact, still offers tons of work space and extras.


  • Decorative design including metal mesh modesty panels
  • Convenient pull-out keyboard tray (with safety stop)
  • Elevated printer shelf, which frees up desk space
  • Mobile caddy for desktop towers
  • Perfect for corners


  • No additional vertical shelf space aside from the elevated printer shelf

Techni-Mobili Computer Station Desk – Woodgrain Streamline

The Woodgrain Streamline Computer Desk Workstation from Techni-Mobili is perfect for anyone that needs a compact workstation for their laptop or desktop. Its versatile design with multiple drawers and shelves also make it perfect for computer peripherals such as scanners and printers, or for simply holding spare reams of printer paper.


  • Compact, clean lines give it an attractive modern style
  • Open, flexible design makes it ideal for a variety of uses
  • Accommodates a printer, scanner and extra stacks of printer paper
  • Rugged and durable thanks to heavy duty MDF panels and a powder coated steel frame


  • Lacks wheels, which would have made it the perfect mobile computer workstation

Are You Ready to Reclaim Your Wasted Space?

If you’re trying to reduce clutter and free up valuable space in your home or office, then do yourself a favor and consolidate with a versatile computer desk workstation. They strike the perfect balance between form and function, but without cramping your style.