Different types of office desk on the market

There are many types of office desk on the market and they come in all different shapes and sizes. This article has been created to help you make an informed decision when considering different office desk options. It will also serve as a practical guide to understanding how you can use shaped desks and designs to fit into almost any office space.

Different types of office desk on the market

Office Desks Shapes & Designs

To help you understand the myriad of office desk shapes and designs, I’ve listed the twelve essential ones below and I’ll elaborate on each one in turn.

This list is by no means exhaustive, but it does serve to highlight how many different options and desk configurations there are available.

Hopefully this will enable you to make the right decision when deciding upon office furniture arrangements either for yourself or your colleagues.

  • Wave Desk
  • Curved Desk
  • Radial Desk
  • Crescent Desk
  • Delta Wave Desk
  • Double Wave Desk
  • Straight-Edged Desk
  • Kidney Desk
  • Symmetrical Office Desk
  • L-Shaped Desk
  • Conference Radial Workstation
  • Travel Agent & Estate Agent Office Furniture

Some of the design shapes listed above come in modular ranges which means that your office furniture can be combined to fit almost any office space.

Wave Office Desk
This type of wave office desk can come with either a left or right hand sweep and can be linked together to form larger configurations of office desks. They can also be positioned facing each other if required because of their straight edges.

You might want to consider some under desk storage such as the pictured 2 drawer pedestal.

Curved Office Desk
In a similar way to wave desks, curved office desks can also be combined together to make larger desk configurations.

They also come in left or right hand curves and consideration should be given to storage options which generally comprise a 2 or 3 drawer pedestal.

This type of desk will also fit into corner spaces if so desired and can easily be expanded to form a large working area because there are two straight edges. Desk mounted office screens can be added to provide privacy if required.

Radial Office Desk
This is a classic example of a modern and contemporary office desk. Although many radial designs are much less complex, this is a lovely example of an eclipse radial workstation.

Note how the desks have been positioned with storage solutions added as well as privacy screens to separate the individual working areas.

Crescent Office Desk
Crescent-shaped office desks are bow-fronted which you can see more clearly in the image below.

This type of office desk is most often used as a standalone unit. However, because there is a straight edge, it is still possible to position desks together if desired.

This particular example (pictured above) has a bowed meeting table extension and 3 drawer pedestal.

Delta Wave Desk
These Imperial Qudos Delta Wave Office Desks are modular and as you can see in the video, can be combined to provide a comfortable, spacious, contemporary and stylish configuration.

Double Wave Desk
Again, these double wave office desks are modular and can be arranged to create large working areas within limited office spaces.

The straight edge allows desks to be placed opposite each other to maximise the useable space available.

Straight Office Desk
A straight office desk is of course the simplest design. However, it can still be used in a multi-desk configuration if required.

Keep in mind that combining straight-edged desks could result in harsh ‘lines’ in your office that may not be particularly visually or aesthetically appealing. Especially when compared to the softer and more contemporary curves of other desk designs.

Kidney Desk
A kidney-shaped office desk is primarily a standalone desk and would not be suitable for a modular or multiple desk configuration.

With reference to the image below you can see that the desk is curved all the way around. Therefore 2 or more desks could not easily be placed together.

Symmetrical Office Desk
Symmetrical office desks can actually come in a different array of shapes and designs.

The name is slightly deceptive because there is an implication that the symmetrical desks will be square. This is not the case as you can see in the image above.

You can get symmetrical workstations, symmetrical crescent workstations, symmetrical radial desks etc. The idea being that they can be linked together to make interesting and flexible workspaces which make the most of your office space.

This helps to create a contemporary, modern and comfortable working environment for your employees.

Symmetrical office desks and workstations are perfect for use in modular office furniture arrangements and some can even be used as corner desks.

L-Shaped Desk
L-Shaped Office Desks can be used as standalone desks and also arranged into groups to form a ‘Cross’ or ‘T’ shape for instance.

Of course an L-shape desk can also be placed into the corner of a room if necessary although if you have an interest in Office Furniture Feng Shui, this may not be particularly fortuitous!

Conference Radial Workstation
Conference Radial Workstations like all other desks with at least one straight edge, could potentially be grouped together to form a larger office desk arrangement.

However, as you can see from this beautifully rendered image, a conference radial workstation looks great in the corner of a room and has an appealing shape, both from an aesthetic point of view, and from a practical perspective.

It has plenty of working space and room for peripheral items such as printers and monitors.

Estate Agent Furniture & Travel Agent Furniture
The Travel Agent & Estate Agent Furniture shown in the image can of course be used in many other office environments, but it is particularly popular with the aforementioned industries.

These desks can be grouped into two’s (drawer units adjoining) but they are really designed to be individual workspaces for employees.

You will also often see this type of office furniture in the banking sector.