Executive Desks for Home Office

The home office desk can be described as the heart and central nervous system of your home office. The creative work that you produce is generally centered from the hours that you spend working at your home desk. Being at home, working from home does not mean that you are not disciplined or on a schedule. It does mean that you can be in a more relax mood, even dress in jeans if you wish and that when you take a break you can spend some time with your loved ones before your return to your home office desk.

Home office executive desks choices

One of the perks of working from home is that you are the executive and therefore you can have the desk that you have always wanted. And, oh is there is a huge selection of Executive Desks. We will look at several and give you places to look at even more. An executive desk is one of massive size with an impressive front – a work of art for some, a large work area for others. Some are made with beautiful wood work, others with the modern materials of chrome and glass. Whatever your tastes there are many choices that will fill your dreams of an executive desk.

Executive Desk with Drawers

Executive Desks for Home Office

I can almost guarantee that you will really appreciate having a desk with lots of drawer space, like this Brookhaven Executive Desk. Working on your computer, surfing the internet, reading reports and writing analysis, all take place at your home office desk. It is the one piece of furniture, along with a good, comfortable chair that you should take seriously. There have been times, when all of us, or at least most of us, have used a table as a make-shift desk. And they work. However, without the benefit of strict personal discipline, no drawers mean a hard and difficult time for organization of your work. Your papers end up in plastic file boxes sitting around on multiple tables or on the floor; you get the idea.

Executive Pedestal Desk

Executive Desks for Home Office

There are many different types of desks. I personally like a desk with a return, upon which I have my computer. I got into the habit of this type desk when our company suddenly had a large number of employees. My computer was always up and running as I rarely let the minutes slip away from me. You might say that I was a dedicated workaholic. Going into work early and staying late nearly every day. Then my children reminded me that life was more than about working, so I moved my office to the house.

Executive Desk with Chair

Executive Desks for Home Office

But now back to the home office and the matter of desks. There are as many different styles and sizes that fit any budget. When setting your office at home, decide whether your office will be an integrated part of the house or completely behind closed doors and a style that is all your own – away from the other part of the house. Make your office into a room that is totally yours. If you want a Weathered Driftwood Finish Desk with matching chair and a Perish rug on the floor, then do it. If you want a glass top desk and no drawers, a completely modern type office furniture, then do that. It does not matter how the office is furnished, only that you are comfortable there. You work better if your office reflects your tastes and ideas.

Traditional Oval Executive Double Pedestal Desk

Executive Desks for Home Office

This example of an executive desk is big and bold. The main body of the wood is stained black which is dramatic on its own but when coupled with the highly polished wood top, look out all ye who enter your home office. For from behind your executive desk, you reign all that that you see.

The thing about the executive desk is this, the space. Whether that space is between you and the person sitting on the other side of the desk from you or the amount of surface area upon which to spread your work, if the space is impressive, then you are working on an executive desk. All such desks have a presence that is there whether you are in the room or not. Many of them are indeed works of art in themselves.

You can choose from the simple elegant lines that are clean and uncluttered to the most baroque of layers patters applied to the beautiful woods available for fine furniture making. The desk is an individual as are you. Choose something that you are completely comfortable with – as you will be spending a good bit of time with the desk.

Home Office Executive L-Shape Desk

Executive Desks for Home Office

This big L-shaped executive desk is one that I personally like because of the shape. It obviously provides a lot more surface space than a regular desk but it also takes lots more floor space.

If you have the tendency to spread out your work or you work on multiple projects at the same time, consider this shape. You will love having room to have out what you need at the time you need it. ( I used to tell people when we were in the computer business, that memory is like the desk top and the disk space is like the filing cabinets. The more space (memory) you have, the faster you can get your work done!) Coupled with a credenza and a wall of bookcases, you can make a very impressive home office.

The desks on this page are relatively expensive; on the Executive Desk Set page are desks that are more modest in cost with all the functionality. You are the only one who can set your budget, so use your dollars carefully. Whether you spend two hundred dollars or twenty thousand dollars for your desk, you need to start with a desk that is within reason for you, not your neighbor or your brother, but you. There have been fortunes made that started in a garage with virtually nothing as well as the fortunes made by amplifying an already healthy bank account.

Carved Wood Desk

Executive Desks for Home Office

This is a beautiful example of workmanship in the carved wood of this executive desk. This desk is hand crafted so no two desks are exactly alike. Again, it is a large desk with seven drawers and is available in difference finishes. If your home office is furnished in an ornate style, this might be the custom made desk for which you are looking.

The perception of an executive desk has as much to do with your sense of self as it does with a huge desk, so check your attitude and move Custom Wood Desk on to your next big promotion – president of your own company. Remembering that an executive desk is one that you deserve.

The executive desk is one of not only an impressive size but one of beauty as well. The wood or the style is what creates the impression; but it is the person who sits behind the desk that creates the total picture.