Feng Shui office layout

Many people apply Feng Shui when designing and arranging home interiors, however it is also possible to improve your working office environment by re-positioning your office furniture. It’s hard to define exactly what Feng Shui is but in essence, it is an ancient Chinese art and science developed over 3000 years. It supposedly helps to balance the energies in any given space to ensure health and good fortune.

Feng Shui office layout

Whether or not you believe Feng Shui actually works, the positioning of your office furniture within your office space can genuinely affect productivity and the perceived comfort of staff and employees.

To be honest, a lot of it really does make a lot of sense, particularly from a practical point of view.

Have you ever sat at an office desk facing a wall with your back to the office space? It just doesn’t feel comfortable or right somehow does it?

Perhaps when you go to a local bar or restaurant there is a favourite seat that you like to sit in.

My guess is that you would probably head for a seat which allows you to put your back up against the wall so that you can survey the activity in the room. Am I right?

Much of the office furniture imported into the UK comes from China. So it seems therefore, somehow appropriate to incorporate elements of Feng Shui into your office furniture positioning and office layout planning and design.

For this reason, I have collected some Feng Shui ideas to help you with your office furniture positioning and office design and planning.

Office desk arrangement

Ensure that your office desk is positioned so that you have a clear view of the office door. This ensures that you are not vulnerable to betrayal and also increases your security and protection especially from those entering or leaving your office.

Ideally, you should sit so that your back is fully supported and with the wall behind you. According to Feng Shui, sitting facing a wall could hinder your chances of promotion and you are more likely to encounter obstacles on your career path.

If it is not possible to arrange your office so that you are sitting with your back against a solid surface, it’s advisable to hang a picture or painting of a beautiful landscape. This negates the negative energy created when you are facing a wall and represents abundance and opportunities.

It is also considered inauspicious to sit with your back to a window. Apart from the practical aspect of light glare on your monitor which could damage your eyes, it symbolises a lack of support. Although the Chinese have a long and fabled record of invention, even they did not have computer screens 3000 years ago so there is an obvious benefit to this piece of advice!

Place a Feng Shui Rooster image or figurine on your office desk to dispel the negative energy created by office politics, gossiping and backstabbing.

A crystal globe or sphere is also considered beneficial because they absorb negative energies and encourage peace, harmony and productivity

If possible, avoid sitting directly opposite another person in your office. This can cause a build up of negative Chi energy and can lead to confrontations and disharmony. Consider using an office screen if you have no other option but remember to pin that picture or image of a landscape to the partition!

Office Storage Clear Up The Clutter!

Eliminate clutter in your office by effectively using office storage that complements your other office furniture. Clutter is considered to encourage negative energy in Feng Shui.

Removing the clutter from your office desk and workspace encourages the flow of positive energy. Again from a practical point of view it makes a lot of sense to be organised and this of course will generally improve productivity.

Additionally, removing clutter can improve your mental well-being and can help you to feel more positive and focused. It is much easier to concentrate on your work and creative ideas if you are not distracted by messy and disorganised surroundings in your office.

You should try and leave about an 8-inch gap between your office furniture and the wall so take this into consideration when positioning your office cupboards, filing cabinets and other office storage

Red is believed to be a very fortuitous colour in Feng Shui and is an aid to prosperity. Consider using red as part of your colour scheme when choosing your office storage.

Office Meetings Seating Arrangements

If you are conducting a meeting in your office, try to arrange your office chairs or sofas into a triangle which face your own office desk or office chair. This makes your position in the room a centre of power.

The other office chairs or sofas should be facing towards each other to encourage the positive flow of energy in the room. This has the added benefit of making the meeting all-inclusive and helping everybody to feel comfortable. It also promotes conversation and the sharing of ideas.