Home Office Workstation Checklist

A workstation is probably one of those spots that eat up time for those who are part of the work force. It is where a typical office person spends half, and sometimes more than half, of his everyday schedule. It goes without saying then that workstations should be organized in a way that promotes productivity and gets rid of bad habits and levels of idolatry. This is usually the case of those workstations that are in big corporate buildings, but what about those that are in homes?

Home Office Workstation Checklist

Home office workstations are becoming more and more commonplace because of the increasing number of full time jobs that can be performed at the convenience of one’s own home. These jobs are usually web-based and correspondences are done online. Because of the easy and extremely comfortable environment at home where temptation is present anywhere you look, one’s professional performance is jeopardized at times. Home office workstations are seen as the best solution to ensure productivity at work while at home, and there are certain things to check when setting up one.

First is the area. Spare rooms are ideal for a workstation as it is closed space. But if you do not have a vacant one at home, you can choose a corner. If you happen to be budget-tight or space is extremely limited, you can utilize your dining table, and just beef up on trusty office furniture. That brings us to the second point in the checklist, furniture, and a big must in this aspect is the desk. An L-shaped desk is highly advisable as it provides enough space for you to put your things on, like your computer, office files, table lamp, and what have you. A regular office desk is also fine.

Take note that if you would be spending a lot of time with a computer with its own computer table, it is best to have a desk placed beside it to receive your hard files, as well as your clutter. A comfortable chair comes with the table, of course. Make sure that you select a chair that has good back support to keep you from back aches caused by spending hours sitting on it. A desk clock and calendar are also advisable to help you keep track of your schedule, reminding you of appointments and managing deadlines. You should also include a trash can near you where you can easily deposit crumpled papers and other office junk. Third is lighting. A good home office work station is well lit, strong enough for those late hour work moments. A desk lamp is usually a necessity in many home work spaces, especially when a work space is indeed just a space and not a room to avoid bothering others who are in the same house or in a shared room.

For a really effective work space, you might want to consider sparing an area for reference materials, or anything that you use as information source. Office supplies should also be accessible and easy to locate. A well-organized table and drawers also save time as you would not have to go through pains when looking for a single file or supply. Lastly, spark up your home office workstation by adding decorations that lift up your mood and inspire you to hit deadlines.