How to organize home office

Having a home office and working from home has become very common these days, but it can be very difficult to get things done, if you don’t keep your office organized.

It can take you twice as long or more to accomplish your work, if you are taking hours to find that file you were looking for or an item that’s been misplaced. Been there, done that! It can become overwhelming, to say the least.

If time is money, so they say, then whatever saves you time, may make you more money.

keeping your office organized can save you time and make you more money, because it will help you to be more efficient and productive. You will be able to find what you are looking for, when you know where things are and that will save you time.

Having an organized office gives a more professional image to any potential customers and clients that happen to stop by your business place

By following a few basic steps, you can keep your home office in shape and make it easier and more functional.

Below are some tips and ideas of things you can do to organize and declutter your home office space.

Home Organizing Tip 1
Designate Your Space
The first place to start when it comes to a home office, is to make sure that you have a designated area in your home, for your office only. If you work from your kitchen table or your living room, it can be very easy to loose or mix your office items with your household things. Another problem with this is that you can become distracted very easily, making it harder to focus and concentrate on your work.

How to organize home office

If you can choose a quiet area, with minimal traffic, noise and other distractions, it will make a big difference in productivity and enjoyment of your tasks.

Home Organizing Tip 2
Uncluttering The Area
The next thing, is to remove any items in your office space that don’t belong there, or are not needed. Removing as much clutter as possible, will create more space for more important things.

How to organize home office

Beginning with your desk area, throw out, shred, recycle or give to charity, anything that is unnecessary. It is amazing, how quickly things seem to pile up.

Home Office Organizing Tip 3
Proper Storage Containers and Essentials – A Place For Everything
Having a filing cabinet is a must have item, in any type of office and it should be cleared out and updated regularly, especially on a yearly basis. Having all your files in order, by date and/or alphabetically, will make finding important papers etc.., a lot faster.

How to organize home office

A bookcase and storage cabinet can keep paper products, books and supplies, neat and tidy, as well as, baskets, magazine files etc…What you don’t use everyday but still need, can be put on a bookcase or cabinet, close by and saves your desk area for the more important daily needs.

Home Office Organizing Tip 4
And Everything In Its’ Place
Once you have removed all unnecessary items and uncluttered the area, you are ready to put back your necessary and essential items into the proper storage spaces.

How to organize home office

Put back on your desk, only items that you use on a daily basis and within your reach. For example, your computer, keyboard, mouse pad, mouse, calculator, phone, notebook and pen, can all be kept on top of your desk. You may have a desk lamp there but if you have a portable printer/copier machine, it should be on a printer stand and not on your desk.

Home Office Organizing Tip 5
Keeping Cords and Wires Uncluttered and Safe
Stylish Cable Organizers etc…
If you have a lot of wires dangling underneath your desk, you can purchase special ties and spiral wraps, to organize your wires and keep them safely out of the way.

How to organize home office

By following these tips, on a regular basis, you will be able to have more time to focus on the aspects of your business that you enjoy doing most and with less stress.

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