Office Cubicle Decorating Ideas

Is your office cubicle boring and blah? Are you tired of looking at the same old drab cubicle day after day? Does your office cubicle need a makeover? If you answered yes to any of these questions than this is a lens for you. Here are some ideas for pimping your cubicle and turning it into the best cubicle in the office, one that will leave your co-workers talking behind your back.

Office Cubicle Decorating Ideas

Just because you are confined tiny box-like workspace with drab khaki colored everything, doesn’t mean that your mood and productivity have to suffer. When it comes to personalizing your office space, whether it is an office, a cubicle, or a desk in the corner is key in boosting your energy at work. Decorating a cubicle employs the same fundamentals as decorating an office. With an appropriate color scheme and a few classy decorative accents, you can make your workspace your own and brighten your mood. This lens provides some cute and fun ideas collected to inspire you to claim your own creative workspaces.

Interior Design Principles for Small Spaces

Rule #1 – Be Appropriate and Tasteful

An office cubicle is part of a shared space. Before embarking on a design project, check your company policies about decorations and personal items. If cubicle decorations are permitted in your workplace, be mindful how how your cubicle decor will impact your co-workers. For example, you may love the idea of decking your cubicle space out with 300 troll dolls, all with outrageously bright colored tufts of hair. But, the chances that your taste in these unique and once collectable children’s toys will be popular with the masses are pretty slim. So, in other words – keep your choices simple and classy.

Rule #2 – Functionality First

Your cubicle is a workspace, a place where you get paid to do a job, a place where productivity is important. This means that your design choices must, above all else, be functional. You must have quick and easy access to supplies and documents that you use frequently. And, priority for horizontal and vertical space should always be given to the tools of your trade over silly decorations.

Rule #3 – Use Space Effectively

While you may be limited by the construction of your cubicle, there is still plenty of unused space. And, in design, space is always something that can be used more effectively. Take a note from the Swedish furniture giant, IKEA. IKEA designers literally make it their mission to achieve tasteful, functional design in very small spaces. If they can make a house out of a shipping container, or an apartment with only 120 square feet; then there really is not much room to complain when you are given a 10×10 cubicle and all that you have to use it for is work. Look for ways to utilize vertical space, as well as empty room underneath the desk area.

Rule #4 – Be Smart About Color

Color is not everything in design, but it is a big thing. Choosing the right color scheme totally transforms the mood of the space. While some color choices can be visually stimulating, boost your mood and enhance your productivity. Too much or incorrect color choices can actually bring you down by causing anxiety and discomfort. For cubicles and small office spaces, it is best to limit the use of color to a few pops. Avoiding the urge to cover every square inch of space in colored fabrics or contact paper will keep your design professional and allow it to fit in with the other workspaces in your office without becoming too overpowering.

Rule #5 – Keep Everything in Scale and Proportion

Just as color can easily become too overpowering, so can accent items when there is too many or the items are too large for the space that they occupy. Keep in mind that when you are working with a cubicle, you are working with a tiny space. A space that is probably smaller than any room in your house. And, the majority of this space is already occupied by a large desk, an office chair, and probably a bookshelf or file cabinet of some sort. This leaves very little space for aesthetics only items such as picture frames and vases. When choosing accents, stick with a few small items that fit your color scheme. Avoid cluttered spaces by ensuring that each item placed in the cubicle has a purpose in the design. Items should be selected for their visual appeal. Some items may provide your design aesthetic with contrast while others represent progression. Appropriate choices for decorative elements, as well as placement is essential for achieving balance in the design.

What’s Your Opinion on Cubicle Decorations?

Do you think that workers should be able decorate their cubicles/workspaces?

Cubicle Decor: Stylish and Trendy
I love the fabric used on the wall panels in this cubicle. A nice large print with a contrasting color scheme fills the space without overpowering it. And, I really love the coordinating desk lamp. Adding your own source of quality light is another great way to improve your mood at work. Plus, a nice looking lamp doubles as a decorative element. What else do I love? I love that this cubicle resident kept the accent pieces to a minimum. With a bold print covering the walls, there is no need to clog up all of your desk space with unuseful items.

Minimalist Cubicle Decor
If your not looking to make too big of a statement, but still want to add some flare to your cube; try a smaller approach by adding a few framed prints. This cube featured on the design*sponge blog showcases a collection of gocco prints purchased off of, an online marketplace for handcrafted goods.

Relaxing Workspace Design
What I love about this workspace is the color scheme. The pops of contrasting red and black provide for visual stimulation and the cool mint background keeps them from overpowering the space. I like that the decorative accents are kept to a minimum and that the most important spaces are being utilized for some really great organization ideas. I am in love with that message center dry erase board.

It’s a Work-cation: Cubicle Decor
This very stylish cube utilizes bamboo mats on the walls, a single strategically placed totem and a small aquarium to breath some life into the drab everyday cubicle. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this idea. And, this cubicle dweller has managed to do it very tastefully.