Office Desk Guide – choose the right office desk for your needs

Office desks come in many different shapes, sizes and types. How do you decide which is best? This guide will help to explain the different desk options available.

Office Desk Guide   choose the right office desk for your needs

The first thing to consider is the shape of your office desk. This comes down to what you planning to use the desk for. If you spend most of your day at the desk on the computer then an ergonomic desk is one of the best options.

Next is the legs, this is down to preference and cost, the basic straight metal leg is the cheapest but the cantilever is more practical and looks more contemporary.

Office Desk Leg Types

The traditional rectangular desk which is one of the most common type of office desk comes in three different leg types.

1. Straight metal legs
2. Wooden side supports
3. C-Shape cantilever design

The more modern contemporary cantilever design is a popular office desk, it reduces the chance of knocking the desk legs with chairs or other office furniture items. If the legs are continually knocked they can bend and weaken over time.

Office Desk Shapes

There are 3 basic office desk shapes and various combination’s of them.

1. Basic rectangular office desk
2. Ergonomic office desk
3. Wave office desk

Rectangular Office Desks have always been the traditional design shape as they are functional and fit together easily, however with the advent of the desktop computer other shapes are proving more user friendly.

Ergonomic Office Desks are designed to allow easy access to your desktop whilst minimizing strains through reaching. They are very good for computer users as the monitor and keyboard can be placed in the corner. This allows easy access to the computer mouse as the curve of the desk reduces the distance the arm has to reach. With the computer in the corner the rest of the desk is free to arrange your work.

Wave Office Desks have one end slightly narrower than the other. You may be asking whats the point of that. It may seem an odd shape but it works very well with those who need to use a computer for part of their working day.

You can either have the computer on the widest part or the narrowest part of the desk depending on how you like to work. If you like to spread your work out then it would ideal to have the computer on the narrower part, if you like to have a working area for your computer if its placed on the widest part there will be plenty of space in front or behind the keyboard.

Wave desks allow more flexibility while at the same time requiring less space. They can be arranged in pairs with either the narrowest or widest part meeting. This not only functional but can also add some style and softness to an otherwise very angular layout.
Office Desk Design

Deciding on the type and shape of your office desk is only the beginning. Now you have to decide on the look & design. There is massive range to choose from, giving ample choice to find a design which meets your requirements and looks good.

Your office environment not only has an effect on your employees but also on how your clients perceive you. If you manage to create a stylish but functional office layout you will win both ways, keeping your employees happy and your impressing your clients.