Portable Laptop Desk

Portable Laptop Desk

Looking for the perfect Portable Laptop Desk? You’ve come to the right place. This purchase guide goes through the top options available today, from small portable laptop trays to lightweight but very sturdy portable laptop tables that are easy to carry anywhere.

Laptops were designed to be portable, but today’s faster and more powerful notebooks have an unfortunate, not to mention uncomfortable side effect — they get extremely hot! Fortunately there is a simple and inexpensive solution for home or home office users who want to break away from their computer desk and save their laps from being scorched: a portable laptop desk.

Benefits of Portable Laptop Desks

The best part about portable laptop desks is that they allow you to enjoy the portability and convenience of having a mobile computer, which is probably why you bought one in the first place! Today’s laptops get extremely hot after prolonged use though, so having something between your laptop and your tender skin is a must. Aside from protecting you from a nasty burn, portable laptop tables also allow you to work more efficiently because you have a sturdy work surface that can often be adjusted to the most comfortable typing angle, and even extended to accommodate use of an external mouse.

Portable laptop desks also protect your expensive notebook from damage caused by overheating. This is a common problem because many owners don’t realize that they are blocking vital cooling fans by placing their notebooks on soft surfaces such as their bed or their lap. These fans need clearance beneath the notebook to pull in cool air and expel hot air. By using a portable laptop tray, your notebook will be raised up enough to maintain the proper airflow and prevent overheating, which extends the life of your computer.

Types of Portable Laptop Desks

Aside from the standard laptop desks, there are also adjustable height laptop desks, which, as the name suggests, allow you to find the optimal height for typing while you recline in bed, on the couch or in your favorite chair. Or you can opt for a simpler version like a portable laptop tray, which will simply shield you from the scorching heat. These also have the added convenience of being slim and portable, which means that they can be easily stowed in your laptop bag along with your computer.

Most Popular Portable Laptop Desks

While there are many different portable laptop desks on the market, there are two that have proven to be extremely popular with consumers:

Logitech Portable Lapdesk

The Logitech Portable Lapdesk is the perfect solution for laptop or notebook users who want the added support and protection of a sleek, rugged laptop tray. For added convenience, it’s very compact and slim so you can carry it in a bag or slide it onto the bookshelf.


  • Heat resistant
  • Retractable mouse pad
  • Slim, ultraportable design
  • Anti-slip finish
  • Available in two attractive colors: gray or dusty rose


  • Basic mobile/portable lapdesk, there are no controls for extra elevation or other adjustments

Laptop Desk – Recline on Your Bed or Couch

The Laptop Desk from Laidback We-R-Inc is the perfect choice for notebook users who want a laptop tray that places their notebook at a comfortable typing angle while they recline on their bed or couch.


  • Adjustable width pads
  • Quick and easy assembly
  • Portable, lightweight design
  • Fits even the largest laptops
  • Places laptop at a comfortable typing angle even while reclining


  • Not as portable as the Logitech Portable Lapdesk reviewed above

Enjoy Your Laptop With Comfort And Ease

If you’re tired of balancing your laptop on your knees and scorching your thighs, then you need to get a portable laptop desk. They’re portable, easy to use and inexpensive – in other words, they’re the perfect solution for your mobile computing needs!