Reception Desk to Creating a Good First Impression

Buying quality office furniture is a must if you take your business seriously and want to grow it. While it may seem like a relatively small amount of furniture compared to whole context of furnishing an entire office or corporate headquarters, the seemingly small reception desk can often be overlooked and its impact on the entire business played down.

Reception Desk to Creating a Good First Impression

Granted, the people who usually oversee the reception area aren’t the highest paid in the office. They may even be the lowest paid on the office staff, and in some cases, just above the janitor.

While their salary may be nothing to get excited over, receptionists perform a critical function in your business. This is because your receptionist plays a vital role in developing that first impression for your business visitors, clients, and future business partners. As they say, you never get a second chance to make that first impression.

Types of Reception Desks

Many of today’s desks are of the modern or contemporary design. These are both stylish and very convenient for business. You may choose modern reception desks with the following features:

Curved: If the first thing your visitor sees before they enter your office is the reception desk, you probably want to have this. These home office desks offer a look of grandiosity and openess that other desks don’t offer. It uses sleek curved lines and often a smooth metal finish to round off the desk.

Modular: These reception desks combine contemporary design with expandability. Modular reception desks are meant for growing businesses where future expected needs are greater than presently. They are perfect for both big and small organizations.

Other Winning Ways to Leave a Great Positive First Impression
Besides a great looking reception desk, make sure you have one of your best team members seated at that desk. Just because they aren’t the highest paid doesn’t mean their job isn’t important to you.

Here are five winning formulas for a first impression that counts:

#1. Train your receptionist. Unfortunately, most people who apply for the job have preset notions of what the job entails or base their routine on how they did it in the past workplace. In most cases, this just won’t cut it as many places simply have mediocre reception staff to begin with. Make sure they understand the high levels of expectations you have of them, They shouldn’t have to ask for a person’s name and where they are from if the person made a prior appointment.

#2. Be personal with all office guests. Serve them tea in real glass cups (not paper) and call each by name.

#3. Keep your guests busy with other things other than reading material. It’s common to have magazines lying around for them to read but what about having some puzzles or trivia questions? For some this is a lot more fun and beats twiddling thumbs or flipping through articles they have no interest reading just to pass time.

#4. Surprise your guests (positively of course). Consider what other receptionists do normally and do something far better. For example, if they offer sweet treats, seek out the ones that are far better than the ones usually offered. Freshly baked chocolate chip cookies is a way to win person’s heart over also.

#5. Decorate the front office with fresh pictures and artwork. If you can afford it, buying well-known pieces of artwork also lifts the overall stature of your business and creates an aura of success.