Which Brand of Drafting Table Should You Choose?

Which Brand of Drafting Table Should You Choose?

Consumers across the world have deep brand loyalty — and for good reason. There is rarely any feature so telling about a product as the brand. There are brands that do their best to sell inferior products cheaply, and brands that only accept the best. You associate quality with brand name, whether you’d like to or not. What do you think when you hear Rolex? Maserati? What about Kia? Wal-Mart? Drafting tables are the same way, and here we’ll break down the strengths and the weaknesses of each of the drafting table manufacturers.

Best Brands of Drafting Tables

Here’s a breakdown of all the important brand names in drafting tables (in alphabetical order): Alvin, Hann, Mayline, Safco, SMI, and Studio Designs.

Alvin is generally for the crafter and not-so-serious artist. Most Alvin tables are very inexpensive, and a lot of them have fold up or foldaway qualities available. If you’re looking for an inexpensive option that will hold up but won’t break the bank you’ll be looking at Alvin. Although the tables are inexpensive, it’s because they’re aren’t as bulky or feature-ridden, they are made of high quality materials with great construction, and I would recommend them for someone who is looking to stay lean both on cost and weight.

Hann drafting tables are usually very intense. If you have three documents and a computer monitor as you draft, Hann is for you. Very elaborate and unique designs make Hann generally on the more expensive end of drafting tables, but this is because of all the features that come with a Hann drawing table. They also have your basic drafting table, but the vast majority of Hann products are very extensive. If you are a serious artist who cannot afford to mess around with inferior equipment and knows what is necessary for you to have the ideal setup, Hann is for you.

Mayline drafting tables are generally more simplistic in design, but they pack a heavy punch on the materials. If you’re looking at a Mayline drafting table you’re looking at a drafting table that will be around for years. Mayline use a lot of steel and heavy woods to make your drawing table virtually indestructible.

How about we break up the flow a little bit here? We just wanted to give you a link for the best prices of Mayline and Hann drafting tables

Safco drafting tables are similar to Alvin, in that they are usually fairly simple and inexpensive, although they’re made of solid materials and have a study construction. No bells and whistles here, but a solid drafting board that could tilt, depending on which model you choose.

SMI drafting tables are the classic tables. Generally four post and made of oak, SMI tables run the gamut of solid vs. split and tilting vs. fixed. SMI’s philosophy is to give you a solid table with all the options of exactly what you want it to look like. You’ll notice an SMI table as a wood bottom with a white top nearly always. Simplistic in construction with a solid build.

Studio Design
Studio Design drafting tables are very similar to SMI. Solid construction, classic look, no frills, but a great drawing board made out of high quality materials with competitive prices.