Writing Desks for Your Home Office

We do not need to give up the loveliness of beautifully crafted wood furniture to have a functioning office desk. I have a beautiful library desk that he used for a desk for many years. These lovely writing desks are simple lines, giving you the space for thinking and writing; they are thought-provoking in design and in the every day duties that are carried dout on them.

Traditional Writing Desk

Writing Desks for Your Home Office

Traditional home offices can be charming, filled with handsome, comfortless furniture. Sometimes, people get carried away and have just too much furniture in their office and their house. Don’t you just want to tell them – ‘you have too much junk in here – get rid of half of it…’ I know that I do from time to time.

But the pictures above show a beautifully appointed home office that you would love to spend your time working in such an environment. Soft light coming through the windows during the day time allows you to be able to creatively spend your time.

The writing desk here is of the same style and made to match the furniture pictured with the large executive desk. The desk is strictly up to you – which way do you want to work.

I love either one – but lately I might go with the writing desk and the big desk – both if I had room.

Shaker Style Office Furniture

Writing Desks for Your Home Office

Build it Piece at a Time

If you are working on a budget, and who is not these days, you might need to build your office one piece at a time. The simple styling of Shaker furniture lends itself to that.

Adding pieces when you can, you can build quite an impressive office space in your home. By combining writing desks, bookcases and file drawers, you can size your office to your room – large and open or small and confined. Personal home offices are just that – personal. So make it work for you. Sometimes starting with a simple desk, chair and computer can be the beginning of a big thing – and that is your independence!

Italian Style Is Comfordesk

Writing Desks for Your Home Office

Knowing what you like can be as simple as sitting down behind a large executive desk and saying yes – this is what I want. One home office that we had started out with matching desk for the two of us; another office furniture, where mine was separate, I started with a big window and found a desk that fit both the Everything in that office was designed around the window. the view was breath taking some days it was hard staying on point when all I wanted to do was stare out the window.

You office is more than just a place where you work – you think and thinking takes time and quiet – music or not. Sitting behind a large, spacious desk gives you the feeling that you do control your destiny.

We Started Here and We End Here

At the beginning of this post, we started with this picture of an English style writing desk with a lid that closes. It is a beautifully crafted desk that you would be proud to have in your office or in your entry way once you have that big house you have always wanted.

Strange, that big house could be on the corner of the area where you grew up or a high rise in the city. For me it is in the mountains, away from the hussel and bussel of the big cities. I have had that – now all I need is a large desk in a room filled with windows facing the mountains. With my high speed internet connection and laptop, I am a happy camper.

You see, your home office is really your castle – so pick your desk well and write another day. . .